The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Two-Handed Skill Guide

Types of 2H Weapons, Perks, and Trainers

Killing a troll with a two-handed weapon in Skyrim

Skyrim's Two Handed skill determines your damage with 2H maces (warhammers), swords (greatswords), and axes (battleaxe). The skill features numerous perks that can modify how weapons and power attacks behave. This guide will teach you several trainer locations, leveling tips, perk assessments, and a list of all craftable two-handed weapons and their damage values.

Two-Handed Weapon Benefits
Wielding a two-handed weapon means that you cannot also wear a shield, however you can still block. Blocking will even raise the block skill, although perks that specify you must be using a shield will not aid in this type of blocking. The big benefit to 2H weapons is their stagger - they're very heavy, and power attacks are thus likely to knock your opponent off balance.

Skyrim: Chopping an enemy with a Battleaxe.

Two-Handed Leveling
Every level gained in Two Handed will increase your damage done with these weapons just a little. You can use the Fortify Two-Handed enchantment, or potions which accomplish similar, to boost this beyond level 100.

XP gained per swing is based on the weapon's base damage. You won't want to use any other boosts when trying to train the skill, as your targets will die faster causing you to lose potential XP. Greatswords are best because of their attack speed.

During the Dark Brotherhood quest line, you receive the horse Shadowmere, who can be beaten mercilessly to train 2H weapons. There are other options, such as training by hitting your followers or using Conjuration to summon familiars to beat upon. Ultimately, your best bet is to simply play Skyrim, get into combat, utilize the various trainers here and there as you level, and keep your damage coming from the 2H skill so that it can stay ahead of the growing power of your opponents.

Two Handed Trainers
You have two options for 2H trainers in Skyrim - Vilkas of the companions is a master two-handed weapons trainer who can be found in Jorrvaskr, Whiterun. You'll need to join the Companions to get access to him. Your other option is the Expert trainer Torbjorn Shatter-Shield who can often be found in Candlehearth Hall of Whiterun.

A Daedric Warhammer Two-Hander in Skyrim

Two-Handed Weapon Types of Skyrim

There are three classes of 2H weapon to choose from in Skyrim. Each has its advantages which come from perks, and distinct speed and weight values that determine how fast the weapon can be swung, and how much stamina is drained when using a power attack.

The fastest of the 2H weapon types, Greatswords are also the least damaging. The 2h Weapons perk here applies a chance to critical hit when wielding these weapons.

Battleaxes are a bit slower than Greatswords, but also do a bit more damage. The 2H perk special from this type will apply a bleed effect to the enemy.

The best for crushing armor - Warhammers are the slowest and heaviest weapon type in Skyrim, but carry the greatest chance to stagger, as well. With perks, you can reduce an enemy's effective armor while using a 2H mace.

Craftable Weapons List

This table shows the weight and damage value for each type of 2H weapon, in all types of crafting material available in Skyrim. Dragonbone weapons require Skyrim's Dawnguard DLC be installed. You'll also need to be level 100 in Smithing and take the Dragon Armor perk.

Skyrim Two Handed Weapons
Iron16 2515181826
Skyrim Two-Handed Weapon Skill Perks

Skyrim Two-Handed Weapon Skill Perks

It's best to pick your favorite type of weapon early on. My personal favorite here is the Battleaxe, for the reliability of its bleed effect and nice balance of speed and power.

Barbarian (5 Ranks - 20% damage each)
(level 0/20/40/60/80 Two-Handed Weapon Skill required)
If Two-Handers are going to be your primary damage source, you'll want all five ranks of this perk to double your damage.

Champion's Stance
(level 20 Two-Handed Weapon Skill required)
Makes 2H power attacks cost 25% less stamina, increasing your staying power in combat.

Limbsplitter (3 Ranks - more and more bleed)
(level 30/60/90 Two-Handed Weapon Skill required)
Battleaxes cause bleeding damage against opponents. Works best against unarmored opponents, giving good reliable damage that will occasionally finish off a weakened opponent.

Deep Wounds (3 Ranks - more and more crit)
(level 30/60/90 Two-Handed Weapon Skill required)
Gives up to a 20% chance to critical hit with Greatswords. I prefer this over Limbsplitter for the reliability.

Skullcrusher (3 Ranks - more and more Armor Penetration)
(level 30/60/90 Two-Handed Weapon Skill required)
Warhammers ignore up to 75% of an opponent's armor. This will mainly work against well-armored humanoids - not much else will have a significant enough armor rating for it to make a difference. Still, those are tough targets in a big fight, and this will let you bring them down fast.

Great Critical Charge
(level 50 Two-Handed Weapon Skill required)
Once you have this perk, you can perform a power attack while you are sprinting. Simply run forward, and hold the power attack button as usual. Your character will leap and smash into the enemy, sometimes doing double critical damage. This attack will cause a powerful stagger.

Devastating Blow
(level 50 Two-Handed Weapon Skill required)
Increases the damage of 2H power attacks, while enabling the decapitate death animation sometimes when you're finishing an opponent. Even Warhammers can decapitate an enemy, rather brutally.

(level 70 Two-Handed Weapon Skill required)
Tap the button to strafe left or right, and quickly perform a power attack. Your weapon will swing across the screen, hitting any enemies in the wide arc. The only perk that lets you hit multiple targets with a single weapon swing.

(level 100 Two-Handed Weapon Skill required)
Backward power attacks have a 25% chance to paralyze an opponent. Tap backward, perform a power attack. This tricky attack can knock an opponent of their feet - it's not like the paralyze you get with one handed weapons and affects many more targets.

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