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Civilization 5 Leader Guide

A List of all Civs, their Unique Units, Buildings, and Special Abilities

This list of all Leaders and Civilizations in Civ 5 will serve strategy gamers as a better comparison tool than the list in-game. I'll list the Special Abilities, Unique Buildings and Units of each Leader so that you can see relevant stats and how their offerings stack up against one another. Click each link for an in-depth look at the Civ in question and how their Leader bonuses can work for you.

Is this Civilization's unique unit really much better than the original it replaces? Does the special building replace anything? What does it do?. I got tired of sorting through all that information myself and decided it'd be a good idea to share my research. I'll also provide my thoughts, and offer up ideas for how to play a particular Civ. Some are generally very good and are hard to beat. Others aren't pitiful - none of these are useless. The strategies to make the Civ effective differ. You may or may not rely heavily on their Special Ability. Hopefully I can give you ideas how these abilities may be more helpful to you.

CivilizationCiv's LeaderSpecialUnique UnitUnique Building
AmericaWashingtonManifest Destiny:
Land units +1 sight. 25% discount purchasing tiles.
MinutemanB17 (unit)
ArabiaHarun al-RashidTrade Caravans:
+1 Gold from each Trade Route. Oil Resources (strategic) provide double quantity
AztecMontezumaSacrificial Captives:
+Culture for each enemy unit killed.
JaguarFloating Gardens
BabylonNebuchadnezzar IIIngenuity:
Free Great Scientist when Writing's done, Great Scientist born at double rate.
BowmanWalls of Babylon
ChinaWu ZetianArt of War:
Effect and Spawn Rate of Great Generals increased
Chu-Ko-NuPaper Maker
EgyptRamesses IIMonument Builders:
+20% to Wonder Production
War ChariotBurial Tomb
EnglandElizabethSun Never Sets +2 naval unit movementLongbowmanShip of the Line (unit)
FranceNapoleonAncien Regime:
+2 Culture per turn for cities before steam power's discovery
MusketeerForeign Legion (unit)
GermanyBismarckFuror Teutonicus:
50% chance of conversion and 25 gold when killing Barbarian in a camp
LandsknechtPanzer (unit)
GreeceAlexanderHellenic League:
City-state influence degrades at 1/2 and recovers twice as fast
Companion CavalryHoplite (unit)
IndiaGandhiPopulation Growth:
Unhappiness from city number doubled. Unhappiness from population size halved
War ElephantMughal Fort
IroquoisHiawathaThe Great Warpath:
Units move through forest and jungle in friendly territory like it's a road. Those tiles can establish trade routes
Mohawk WarriorLonghouse
JapanOda NobunagaBushido:
Units fight as though full strength even when damaged
SamuraiZero (unit)
OttomansSuleimanBarbary Corsairs:
50% chance of converting barbarian naval unit to your side and earning 25 gold
JanissarySipahi (unit)
PersiaDarius IArchamenid Legacy:
Golden ages last 50% longer. Units get +1 movement/10% combat strength during Golden Ages
ImmortalSatrap's Court
RomeAugustus CaesarThe Glory of Rome:
25% production toward any building that already exists in the Capital
BallistaLegion (unit)
RussiaCatherineSiberian Riches:
Strategic Resources provide +1 Production. Horse, Iron, and Uranium provide double quantity
SiamRamkhanhaengFather Governs Children:
Food/Culture from friendly City-states doubled
Naresuan's ElephantWat
SonghaiAskiaRiver Warlord:
Triple gold from barbarian encampments and pillaging cities. Embarked units can devend themselves
Mandekalu CavalryMud Pyramid Mosque


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