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Civilization 5 Brave New World Strategy

List of Specialists, How they Work, and In-Depth Strategy Guides

Civilization 5 Specialist and Great Person Strategy Guides
MerchantGreat ArtistGreat MusicianGreat WriterGreat Scientist
Great EngineerGreat MerchantGreat ProphetGreat GeneralGreat Admiral
Specialists work from buildings your Cities create - from there, they generate resources like Science and Great Person Points toward earning Great People

Specialists contribute massive perks to your Civilization. In this Guide to these helpful people of Civ 5, I'll teach you how to use them to the best effect. This will help you to get more Research, Gold, Production, and Culture out of your Cities. We'll also talk about specializing cities in these four aspects, as Specialists and the Great People they generate are pivotal to maximizing return when setting a City's focus and its role in the victory condition that you are purusing.

With Brave New World and Gods and Kings DLCs, specialists have been shaken up a bit with the breakup of the Artist and Great Artist. There are now six types of specialists that can be assigned to work in your cities, with three more that all play special roles in your Civilization's military and religious development. In this Guide to specialists, we'll look at the bonuses they give and in a separate guide, the special abilities of the Great People that can be born in your Empire's Cities. Buildings that allow slots for Specialists to work will be detailed, along with tips for increasing the output of your Specialists and buildings that can house the Artsy types' Great Works. Every Specialist has their own page for users to share specific strategies for them or rushing the technologies to get them, so follow the list of links to get more details on each.

How to Get and Use Specialists in Civ 5

Certain buildings will give you slots with which you can work with Specialists to generate stats for the City and Empire along with GPP to generate Greate People. Specialists working these slots will give an increase to Great Person points (GPP) of their type, by varying degrees, along with production for engineers, gold for merchants, etc. Specialists giving points to stats like Production, Gold, Science, or Culture will find their bonuses increased by buildings that give percent bonuses. Specialists will give more GPP than Wonders, but Wonders can boost your cities' output and help to specialize them.

Food Consumption
Specialists consume the regular 2 food, but will contribute none to your City. You lose the output of the tile the Specialist could be working, but gain its benefits. Because of their food consumption, heavy use of Specialists requires Farms, food resources like Fish, or otherwise fertile areas are required to keep food intake higher than consumption. Maritime City-States and inter-Civ trade routes from Cities with Granaries can also help you utilize more Specialists in your Cities without losing resources. The more food excess you have, the more Specialists you can utilize without slowing a City's growth.

Tick Manual Specialist Control to prevent your Governor reassigning Specialists. Warning - this prevents them from adding them, as well so remember that if you change the City's focus

Using Specialists
After you've built one of buildings with a Specialist slot (listed below), head to the City Management screen and look to the right. Your Governor will assign Specialists based on what you select under Citizen Management unless Manual Specialist Control is checked. To do this Manually, which is better, click the slot on the Specialist Buildings tab to assign a Specialist of that type. The Governor will automatically take a Citizen off a tile that doesn't suit your Citizen Management focus. First, assign specialists as needed, then click the City from this screen to automatically reassign the workers. Once you've assigned a Specialist and taken manual control, it will stay set up that way and the Governor can neither add or remove a Specialist until you untick that box.

It's better to assign Specialists yourself rather than, for example, populate your Scientist slots by choosing Science under Citizen management. You should tweak the city manually based on your goals. Assign some Scientists to get GPP toward a Great Scientist, then select Food under Citizen Management to keep growing - or assign some Engineers to increase production while using a Gold focus on the city. Manual is always better and will increase your city's output based on your goals and the Civilization's current needs.

Civ 5 Specialist List, Output, Great People & Strategy Guides

Here's a list of all types of Specialist in Civ, listing the benefits they bring and the buildings that unlock the slots to employ them. To learn more, such as the specific Technology to unlock each building and read strategies for maximizing the use of each type of Specialist, click the links in the list to learn more and share tips with other Civ 5 players.

Artist Specialist

Artists generate Culture for the Local City and Empire and GPP toward a Great Artist.

SymbolCultureGPPBuildings with Artist Slots
Artists' Guild (2)

Musician Specialist

Musicians generate Culture for the Local City and Empire and GPP toward a Great Musician

SymbolCultureGPPBuildings with Musician Slots
Musicians' Guild (2)

Writer Specialist

Writers generate Culture for the Local City and Empire and GPP toward a Great Writer

SymbolCultureGPPBuildings with Writer Slots
Writers' Guild (2)

Scientist Specialist

Scientists generate Science for your Civilization's Research and GPP toward a Great Scientist

SymbolScienceGPPBuildings with Scientist Slots
University (2), Public School (1), Research Lab (1)

Engineer Specialist

Engineers generate Production for a City and GPP toward a Great Engineer

SymbolProductionGPPBuildings with Engineer Slots
Workshop (1), Windmill (1), Factory (2)

Merchant Specialist

Merchants generate Gold for the Empire and GPP toward a Great Merchant

SymbolGoldGPPBuildings with Merchant Slots
Market (1), Bank (1), Stock Exchange (2)

No Specialists for Great Prophets, Great Generals and Admirals
The above listed Great People are not generated through GPP. Instead, each has their own separate method. Great Prophets are generated through Faith, introduced in Gods and Kings. Great Generals and Great Admirals are gained by earning land and naval combat experience, respectively.

Civ 5 Specialist Tips

Wonder, Social Policy, Ideology and Religious Output Bonuses

Statue of Liberty
Requires Replaceable Parts
+1 Production for Each Specialist

Requires Rationalsm (Social Policy)
+2 Science for Each Specialist

Religious Follower Belief
+2 Production if City has at least one Specialist

Freedom Lvl 1 - Civil Society
Ideological Tenet
Specialists consume only 1 Food instead of 2.

Freedom Lvl 2 - Universal Suffrage
Ideological Tenet
Unhappiness from Specialists is Halved - reduce Unhappiness by utilizing them.

Civ Choice
All Specialists Produce +2 Science

Got all that? Now read about Great People!

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AlexKUSA says...
You should update the information at the bottom of this page for the ideology changes in BNW.
Thanks for the suggestion. I had to take a break to work on my Sims project but will come back to this as soon as I'm done and have put a note on my desktop to check into updating this.
22nd October 2013 2:47pm
Sivfan says...
Great guide. Please keep this up.
I feel you should include the fact that great artists, musicians and writers are in a different pool than engineers, merchants and scientists when it come to increasing costs to generate. I think all the culture great people are in their own seperate pools and GE, GM and GS are in another.
So for example, producing a GE will increase the cost of the next GE, GM or GS but not of for the GA. I'm not too clear for the rules for GA, GMu and GW, as I have not been keeping track of them, I think they each have their own pools though. Let me know which it is since it is rather confusing.
Good point. I'll make sure to mention these things soon.
27th December 2013 1:19am
Screp says...
Hey Carl,

I was wondering what you consider as being mid-game and late-game.

Mid-game would begin around the Renaissance era. Late-game is up toward Atomic/Information as those techs have much higher cost and Civs will branch out on different paths more due to that factor.
17th February 2014 2:36pm
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