Magicka Game Walkthrough

Chapter Four: A New Hope

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Secrets, Weapons, and Spells Checklist
Tornado Spell
Moose #5
Captain's Axe if you murder Admiral Agnar
Shield Staff
Staff of War a must-have!
Blade of Chill
Conflagration Spell

Magicka: Grab the Tornado Spell book next to this downed Airship

Before you enter the City Gates, grab the book next to the Airship, which is the Tornado spell. If you have trouble casting it, the proper combo is D-Q-F-Q-Q-F. Take the road to the left, also, before entering. There you'll find Moose #5. Once inside the city, look above the doorway just before the intersection to find Mjolner hanging there. It's a pretty good weapon, but quite slow. If you got the M60 in the last mission, I suggest you hold on to it. Proceed a little further and you'll be met by Admiral Agnar, who will direct you inside the Inn doorway. If you want the Captain's Axe you can murder this guy, but the weapon is not worth it.

After a cutscene, you'll be inside the Inn. Before leaving the room, check the cabinet just beside the exit. It offers the Shield Staff, which will allow you to boost shields much faster. Its Active Ability is also a personal shield. Take it depending on what you're already wielding. I don't think it's better than a Staff of Life or Staff of the White Wizard.

Head outside, and fight your way east. Use fire+earth Magick here, as there are plenty of Goblin Bombers that are very vulnerable, plus they'll blow up their friends when they go out. The Tornado spell isn't too bad for the bridge fight. You'll need to use the space bar if the new Orc enemy latches on to you, as they'll drain your life while healing themselves. When you reach the first intersection, head north to find a secret and a second chance at the Warhammer.

When you get to the fountain, you reach a checkpoint. This is one of the toughest fights yet, as you'll be faced with a Disciple and several Orcs for the last round. I used Earth to see me through here. Straight earth. Half-charged with 5 earth, you can kill an Orc in a single shot. Run around the fountain so you'll be out of the line of sight for the Disciple to cast against you. When all the Orcs are dead, turn your attention to the Disciple.

Magicka: Chapter 4, battle at the fountain vs another Caster

He casts many beams, so don't bother using your own on pain of death. This could work in your favor, but it's really hard to pull it off. He'll also wet you fairly often, so lightning's out. I used Earth for its knockback and when he was down I blasted him with Beams as I knew he couldn't retaliate. When you get his shield down, hammer him with many quick casts and take advantage of the situation. Keep your health high, as his water blast can deal 800 damage to you, and you only have 1000.

When you've at last finished him off, you'll be able to pick up the powerful Staff of War, which gives you physical resistance, doubles life to 2000, and can instant-cast an arcane bolt. Handy, indeed. This one's a keeper if you're playing solo. If you didn't get the M60, you can grab Gungnir leaning against a Market stall northwest of the fountain. Agnar will have died and you get one more shot at the Captain's Axe. Seriously, this game likes to give you a lot of chances to get that! Too bad it's not Gram that makes all those appearances. Head east into the next area.

Magicka Chapter 4: The Meat Grinder

Here you will encounter some flames. Use a water spell to douse them. Note the Blade of Chill to the north. A Town Grinder will appear. I found this battle easy despite the new type of Orc that attacks. It's just not as hard to survive with that Staff of War. Continue working your way east, putting out fires when necessary. You'll be direct into the Inn as a Detour because of the destruction.

Magicka: The Conflagration spell

Inside, you'll find the Conflagration spell next to a fire. The proper sequence to cast this is FQFFQFFQ. It won't do you much good against the armored Orc you face here. My recommendation for fighting him is to use lots of cold spells. If you can get him wet, and freeze him with cold, when the armor goes, he'll shatter!

In the next area, the guards will be working on detonating some charges to blow open the doors to get to the King. Unfortunately, that means a 3 minute fight until it's ready. I suppose you can kill the soldiers and detonate the charges yourself with fire... At any rate, fight to survive or blow it open yourself. The enemies don't stop coming, so the only way to move forward is to head inside the castle.

Magicka Chapter 4: The Machine and Warlock Boss

Boss Fight Strategy: Machine and Warlock
The first phase of this fight is a cinch. First, don't bother killing the Disciples you'll face. Throughout this entire battle there will always be two of them. Instead, hit the machine with a couple charged earth attacks to finish it quickly. If you do this behind the machine, there's a chance the fool Disciples will help you destroy it. Use your personal shield often (E + middle mouse). When the Machine is down, you'll face the Warlock, who is like a super-charged Disciple.

Fight behind the machine. If you're lucky, the Warlock will even end up between your Wizard and the Disciples. If your shield fails, heal up and cast it again. The benefit of fighting behind the machine is you can easily step out of the line of sight to heal yourself.

I found the Conflagration spell FQFFQFFQ and Space to be extremely helpful for the Warlock phase. The big benefit is that it can pass through the machine, so you can hit them on the other side and they can't retaliate. You can cast it very quickly, as well. As fast as you can type it! While it only does 600 damage with the impact, it causes a lot of fire. You can stack it up to the point that he's taking a lot of damage each second. That was my bread and butter spell for this fight.

After the fight, you'll see yet another Star Wars reference.