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Civilization 5 Persia - Leader: Darius I

Civ Bonuses, Strategies, Unique Units and Buildings

Civilization Name:  Civilization 5: Persia LeaderPersia

Civ Leader: Darius I

Civ Bonus: Archaemenid Legacy:
Golden ages last 50% longer. During golden ages, your units receive +1 movement and a 10% combat strength bonus.

Unique Unit: Immortal:
Requires Bronze Working Tech, Upgrades to Pikeman, Obsolete with Civil Service
The Immortal gets +1 combat strength over the spearman it replaces, with a total of 8. That's not a major boost, but significant enough - over 10%. They also heal at double rate. Medic is a great upgrade for them when taking out barbarians.

Unique Building: Satrap's Court::
Requires Banking, Market Constructed
Satrap's Court replaces the Bank and gives +2 happiness in addition to the usual 25% wealth.

Money and happiness go hand in hand I always say. The Satrap's Court is a nice uncompromising upgrade as opposed to a regular bank. The immortal isn't bad either, but the Archaemenid Legacy is where it's at with Darius. You can have 20+ turn golden ages if you are smart and build Chichen Itza! Make the most of it by ensuring that most tiles around you have at least 1 gold and 1 hammer so that you practically double your production and income. Switch over to production focus and build other Wonders, expand your military. Just don't waste it on building wealth or research. Make the boom times periods of development. That is, unless you're almost bankrupt.

Civilization Bonuses, Unique Units, Strategies and Openings
Sid Meier's Civ 5 is a deep strategy game. I created these individual Civilization Guides to highlight the strengths of their specials and unique units. If you have an opener or tip for playing this Civ that you would like to share with other readers, please use the comments form below. Some Guides are in need of update and will be improved to a new standard of quality or altered to reflect gameplay changes in G&K and Brave New World.
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