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Civilization 5 Specialists and Great People

Great Engineer - Abilities & GPP Guide for Brave New World

Civilization 5 Specialist and Great Person Strategy Guides
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Great EngineerGreat MerchantGreat ProphetGreat GeneralGreat Admiral

Great Engineer Info
Great Engineer in Civ 5Great Engineers are very useful in two wais. They are easily generated as your Cities focus on Production to finish buildings and wonders, once you have Workshops an Factories in your Cities. This is their time to shine, unless you focus specifically on them early in the game. If you finish the Tradition Social Policty Tree, Great Engineers can be purchased with Faith starting in the Industrial Era for about 1k each, rising the more you purchase.

The Great Engineer's most popular ability is Hurry Production, which can quickly finish a Wonder - often in a single turn, but seemingly based on the production output of the City in question. Save your Great Engineers and pop them as soon as a desirable Wonder becomes available to ensure that yours is the Civilization to build it.

For long-term Production success, the Great Engineer can also build the Manufactory tile improvement, which raises Production of a tile by +4 (+5 with Chemistry). That's a huge boost, particularly when placed on a hill tile - your City can get a large amount of Production from one tile without sacrificing much food. Earlier in the game, and for Militaristic players, this is the surefire winner, allowing you to produce buildings and armies much faster than normal, particularly when more than one of these is installed in a City along with the Ironworks National Wonder.

Wonders with Great Engineer GPP
GPPBuildingBuilding BonusTech to Unlock
+1The Pyramids+1 Culture, +25% Tile Improvement Construction Speed, Two free WorkersAdopt Liberty, Masonry Tech
+1The Great Wall+3 Culture, Enemies expect +1 Move in your TerritoryConstruction
+1Temple of Artemis+1 Culture, +10% Growth in All Cities, +15% Production of Ranged UnitsArchery
+1Stonehenge+5 FaithCalendar
+1Great Mosque of Djenne+1 Culture, +3 Faith, free Mosque, All Missionaries spread Religion 3xTheology, Adopt Piety
+1Chichen Itza+50% longer Golden Ages, +4 Happiness, +1 CultureCivil Service
+1Angkor Wat+1 Culture, Culture and Gold Cost of Acquiring new Tiles -25% in All CitiesEducation
+2Himeji Castle+3 Culture, +15% Combat Strength in Friendly TerritoryGunpowder

Social Policies and Ideologies Related to Great Engineers

  • Spaceflight Pioneers
    Requires Order Level 3
    May finish Spaceship Parts with Great Engineers and +10 Science in Capital.

If you'd like to learn more about creating Great People, don't miss the first page of this guide dedicated to Listing Great People and Maximizing GPP through Buildings and Wonders. Share your tips about using and generating this Great Person through the comments form at the bottom of the page where your strategies can help players new to Civilization 5 and the Gods & Kings and Brave New World DLCs.


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