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Civilization 5 Religion Guide

Reformation Beliefs in Brave New World

Civ 5 Religion Guide - Gods & Kings and Brave New World
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With Brave New World, completing the Piety Social Policy Tree will let you choose a Reformation Belief for your Religion. You're able to choose from among the following list. Try to pick beliefs that help you accomplish your late-game goals - get the Tourism if you want a Cultural Win, or go for Jesuit Education to help quickly boost Science throughout your Empire and attempt to build the Space Ship. Purchasing post-Industrial units with Faith may help greatly with a Domination Victory if you have focused on Faith generation and are able to afford many purchases. Others are far less focused and may be used in a variety of ways to help your Civilization thrive.

Civ 5 Brave New World Reformation Beliefs
Belief NameGame DescriptionTips and Strategies
Charitable MissionsInfluence Boosts from Gold Gifts to City-States increased by 30%.This is a very handy belief if you will be going for a Diplomatic Victory, as you need to spend Gold to occasionally raise your influence level with a CS to keep them an Ally.
EvangelismMissionaries' Spread Religion ability erodes existing pressure from other Religions.This makes Spread Religion significantly stronger, making them more in line with a Great Prophet in terms of power - ultimately, it will let you do more Conversions with the one action while also making your Religion's future pressure more effective by wiping some of their past progress in buliding up their own.
Heathen ConversionMissionaries Convert adjacent Barbarian Units to this Civilization's ControlMerely standing next to a Barbarian will make them join your side - incredibly powerful with Raging Barbarians. You can then keep the units to defend your land or sell them for some quick Gold.
Jesuit EducationMay build Universities, Public Schools, and Research Labs with Faith.This is quite powerful when you know just how cheap these buildings are with Faith - you could easily spend 1k Gold on some, but these ALL can be bought for a mere 200 Faith with this Belief - a great way to boost Science late-game while playing with a Religious Civilization.
Religious FervorUse Faith to Purchase Industrial and later Land UnitsAll units cost about double in Faith what they do in Hammers, and this is a significant reduction compared to gold (about 5x Hammer value). You'll still spend 300 Faith for a Musketman, but this can be incredibly potent given you may be able to buy a new unit every 4-5 turns with high Faith production.
Sacred SitesAll buildings purchased with Faith provide +2 Tourism each.Pagodas, Mosques, etc. will all give +2 Tourism, significant if you seek a Cultural Victory.
To the Glory of GodUse Faith to purchase any type of Great Person starting in the Industrial EraThis merely lets you pick up Great People from Social Policy trees that you haven't unlocked - so you can buy Great Generals if you have not max'd the Honor tree, or Engineers from Tradition.
Underground SectYour Spies exert Religious Pressure to the Cities they Occupy.This doesn't seem to work, though it'd be very nice if someone could confirm it's working in their game - else we may have to wait for the Fall Patch.
Unity of the ProphetsInquisitors and Prophets reduce this religious presence by half instead of eliminating it.This gives your Religion some passive defense - so where it's spread in other Civs, they will have a harder time eliminating it. Great Prophets will also have a harder time coming along and fully converting your Cities, giving them a faster natural recovery.

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Civ 5 Religion Guide - Gods & Kings and Brave New World
Converting & Religious PressurePantheonsFounder BeliefsFollower BeliefsEnhancersReformation


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