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List of What to Keep for Community Center Bundles

Items you need to keep to complete bundles in Stardew Valley Keeping track of all the bundle items can be annoying. This list will help you know what items you need to keep.

This list is something I wanted when I first started a new game. I knew of the Community Center and that it'd be a good idea to hold onto some things from the first few seasons (and try to grow at least a few of everything) in order to complete Community Center bundles. At the same time you want to make cash so need to know what to sell! Many crops, you only need one of, but for some you need to grow 5 gold-star quality (use fertilizer for this). Keep in mind that many items you find in the Mine are used for crafting, as are many other items in Stardew Valley.

For your convenience this list is alphabetized, and includes what bundle(s) each item serves to complete. This can help you to track and know when you've got enough to finish a Bundle. Unless specified next to the item name, you only need 1 normal quality of each of these items and can sell the rest. In parentheses next to the bundle name, you'll see how many types of items you need to fill to complete that bundle. Sometimes there are more items than boxes to fill and you only need a portion of them to complete it. You may also like my List of Crops to Grow for Season Bundles.

Tip Until I make the full Bundles Guide, use Control + F and type a bundle name to search for the other items included in a bundle that you're trying to complete!

What to Keep for Community Bundles in Stardew Valley

Item or CropRoomBundle Name
2,500GBulletin BoardVault Bundle
5,000GBulletin BoardVault Bundle
10,000GBulletin BoardVault Bundle
25,000GBulletin BoardVault Bundle
ApplePantryArtisan Bundle (6)
Apple x10Bulletin BoardFodder Bundle (3)
ApricotPantryArtisan Bundle (6)
AquamarineBulletin BoardDye Bundle (6)
Bat Wing x10Boiler RoomAdventurer's Bundle (2)
BlackberryCrafts RoomFall Foraging Bundle (4)
BlueberryPantrySummer Crops Bundle (4)
BreamFish TankNight Fishing Bundle (3)
BullheadFish TankLake Fish Bundle (4)
Cactus FruitCrafts RoomExotic Foraging Bundle (5)
CatfishFish TankRiver Fish Bundle (4)
CauliflowerPantrySpring Crops Bundle (4)
CarpFish TankLake Fish Bundle (4)
Cave CarrotCrafts RoomExotic Foraging Bundle (5)
CheesePantryArtisan Bundle (6)
CherryPantryArtisan Bundle (6)
ChubBulletin BoardField Research Bundle (4)
ClamFish TankCrab Pot Bundle (5)
ClothPantryArtisan Bundle (6)
CockleFish TankCrab Pot Bundle (5)
CoconutCrafts RoomExotic Foraging Bundle (5)
Common MushroomCrafts RoomFall Foraging Bundle (4)
Copper BarBoiler RoomBlacksmith's Bundle (3)
CornPantryFall Crops Bundle (4)
Corn x5 (Gold Star)PantryQuality Crops Bundle (3)
CrayfishFish TankCrab Pot Bundle (5)
CrabFish TankCrab Pot Bundle (5)
CrocusCrafts RoomWinter Foraging Bundle (4)
Crystal FruitCrafts RoomWinter Foraging Bundle (4)
DaffodilCrafts RoomSpring Foraging Bundle (4)
DandelionCrafts RoomSpring Foraging Bundle (4)
Duck EggPantryAnimal Bundle (5)
Duck FeatherBulletin BoardDye Bundle (6)
Earth CrystalBoiler RoomGeologist's Bundle (4)
EelFish TankNight Fishing Bundle (3)
Egg (Large and brown)PantryAnimal Bundle (5)
Egg (Large and white)PantryAnimal Bundle (5)
EggplantPantryFall Crops Bundle (4)
Fiddlehead FernBulletin BoardChef's Bundle (6)
Fire QuartzBoiler RoomGeologist's Bundle (4)
Fried EggBulletin BoardChef's Bundle (6)
Frozen GeodeBulletin BoardField Research Bundle (4)
Frozen TearBoiler RoomGeologist's Bundle (4)
GhostfishFish TankSpecialty Fish Bundle (4)
Goat CheesePantryArtisan Bundle (6)
Goat Milk (Large)PantryAnimal Bundle (5)
Gold BarBoiler RoomBlacksmith's Bundle (3)
GrapeCrafts RoomSummer Foraging Bundle (3)
Green BeanPantrySpring Crops Bundle (4)
Hay x10Bulletin BoardFodder Bundle (3)
HazelnutCrafts RoomFall Foraging Bundle (4)
Hardwood x10Crafts RoomConstruction Bundle (4)
HoneyPantryArtisan Bundle (6)
Hot PepperPantrySummer Crops Bundle (4)
Iron BarBoiler RoomBlacksmith's Bundle (3)
JellyPantryArtisan Bundle (6)
Largemouth BassFish TankLake Fish Bundle (4)
LeekCrafts RoomSpring Foraging Bundle (4)
LobsterFish TankCrab Pot Bundle (5)
Maki RollBulletin BoardChef's Bundle (6)
Maple SyrupCrafts RoomExotic Foraging Bundle (5)
Maple SyrupBulletin BoardChef's Bundle (6)
MelonPantrySummer Crops Bundle (4)
Melon x5 (Gold Star)PantryQuality Crops Bundle (3)
MilkPantryAnimal Bundle (5)
MorelCrafts RoomExotic Foraging Bundle (5)
MusselFish TankCrab Pot Bundle (5)
Nautilus ShellBulletin BoardField Research Bundle (4)
Oak ResinCrafts RoomExotic Foraging Bundle (5)
Oak ResinBulletin BoardEnchanter's Bundle (4)
OrangePantryArtisan Bundle (6)
OysterFish TankCrab Pot Bundle (5)
ParsnipPantrySpring Crops Bundle (4)
Parship x5 (Gold Star)PantryQuality Crops Bundle (3)
PeachPantryArtisan Bundle (6)
PeriwinkleFish TankCrab Pot Bundle (5)
Pine TarCrafts RoomExotic Foraging Bundle (5)
PomegranatePantryArtisan Bundle (6)
PomegranateBulletin BoardEnchanter's Bundle (4)
PoppyBulletin BoardChef's Bundle (6)
PotatoPantrySpring Crops Bundle (4)
PufferfishFish TankSpecialty Fish Bundle (4)
PumpkinPantryFall Crops Bundle (4)
Pumpkin x5 (Gold Star)PantryQuality Crops Bundle (3)
Purple MushroomCrafts RoomExotic Foraging Bundle (5)
Purple MushroomBulletin BoardField Research Bundle (4)
QuartzBoiler RoomGeologist's Bundle (4)
Rabbit's FootBulletin BoardEnchanter's Bundle (4)
Red CabbageBulletin BoardDye Bundle (6)
Red MushroomCrafts RoomExotic Foraging Bundle (5)
Red MushroomBulletin BoardDye Bundle (6)
Red SnapperFish TankOcean Fish Bundle (4)
SandfishFish TankSpecialty Fish Bundle (4)
SardineFish TankOcean Fish Bundle (4)
Sea UrchinBulletin BoardDye Bundle (6)
SnailFish TankCrab Pot Bundle (5)
ShadFish TankRiver Fish Bundle (4)
ShrimpFish TankCrab Pot Bundle (5)
Slime x99Boiler RoomAdventurer's Bundle (2)
Snow YamCrafts RoomWinter Foraging Bundle (4)
Solar EssenceBoiler RoomAdventurer's Bundle (2)
Spice BerryCrafts RoomSummer Foraging Bundle (3)
Stone x99Crafts RoomConstruction Bundle (4)
SturgeonFish TankLake Fish Bundle (4)
SunfishFish TankRiver Fish Bundle (4)
SunflowerBulletin BoardDye Bundle (6)
Sweet PeaCrafts RoomSummer Foraging Bundle (3)
Tiger TroutFish TankRiver Fish Bundle (4)
TilapiaFish TankOcean Fish Bundle (4)
TomatoPantrySummer Crops Bundle (4)
TruffleBulletin BoardChef's Bundle (6)
Truffle OilPantryArtisan Bundle (6)
TunaFish TankOcean Fish Bundle (4)
Void EssenceBoiler RoomAdventurer's Bundle (2)
WalleyeFish TankNight Fishing Bundle (3)
Wheat x10Bulletin BoardFodder Bundle (3)
Wild HorseradishCrafts RoomSpring Foraging Bundle (4)
Wild PlumCrafts RoomFall Foraging Bundle (4)
WineBulletin BoardEnchanter's Bundle (4)
Winter RootCrafts RoomWinter Foraging Bundle (4)
Wood x198*Crafts RoomConstruction Bundle (4)
WoodskipFish TankSpecialty Fish Bundle (4)
WoolPantryAnimal Bundle (5)
YamPantryFall Crops Bundle (4)

* - you need 2 99 stacks of wood, counts as 2 of the bundle's 4 items.

Stardew Valley 1.1 Changes

Stardew Valley is now version 1.1, which comes with some significant changes. I have some updating to do as a result. Certain fruits (such as blueberries/cranberries) have had their sell prices reduced significantly to give players more reason to grow other produce. This makes tables with sales values wrong. I will fix them as soon as possible. You can see the full list of change notes here.

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