Carl's Fallout 3 Strategy Guide

Main Quest Walkthrough, Weapons, Skills, and Tips

This Fallout 3 Guide is pretty much completed, and covers most quests, but who knows when it can ever hit 100%, as I do all of this on my own and Fallout 3 is a massive game. The walkthrough is however, fully functional and I must state my progress through the game thus far

Carl the Wastelander made it to level 20 with very high skill in all weapons, lockpicking, science, medicine and has all stat bobbleheads. The only bobblehead I missed was energy weapons, because I accidentally went through that door in Raven Rock that leads to the President.

My character has collected all of the unique guns in the game and has a locker full of stuff so huge that he'd never have to really worry about caps again. The only skills I'm lacking in are sneak, unarmed, melee and, of course, barter. I would make some changes on yet a third play through, which would be having higher luck and lower charisma, and perhaps being a bit more toward neutral/evil. It would be easier to get by in the early game with a little thievery! I would also try to get to 100 lockpick and science earlier, so that I could access some of the more treasure-filled rooms in many of the locations of the waste.

A Yao Guai from Fallout 3I might also invest a bit more in small guns early on, with some stealth because I think I only got a few stealth critical hits in during my game with a lowly 30% stealth.

This guide was writen for the PC version of Fallout 3, but I'm sure it's still good for the XBOX 360 and PS3 versions of the game. Anyway, enjoy the guide!

Strategy Guides

Carl's Fallout 3 walkthrough features the location of all bobbleheads in the game.Bobblehead Locations Guide - Hunt down every Bobblehead location to push your Wasteland Wanderer to his limits.

Big Guns Guide - Learn the location of all the Big Guns in Fallout 3, from the Burnmaster to the mighty MIRV Launcher

Energy Weapons Guide - Contains the locations of all the rare laser and plasma weapons in Fallout 3. This is my personal favorite weapons type.

Skills Guide - Information about each skill in Fallout 3 and how each will benefit your character.

Small Guns Guide - Learn to find Lincoln's Repeater, Railway Rifle and other cool small guns weapons in Fallout 3

Fallout 3 Cheats - Cheating can ruin your Fallout 3 experience, but once you've put in over a hundred hours in the game like me, you might want to play around some to see what you can do. I compiled the list of my favorites that I might use for making another character just to play around with.

Fallout 3 Main Quest Walkthrough

Following in His FootstepsGalaxy News RadioScientific Pursuits
Tranquility LaneThe Waters of LifePicking up the Trail
Rescue from Paradise*Finding the Garden of EdenThe American Dream
Take it Back! - The awesome Finale to Fallout 3

* For Many this may as well be a main quest

Fallout 3 Side Quest Walkthroughs

Agatha's House

Agatha's Song - This quest gets you the Blackhawk if you get her both the Soil Stradivarius and Music Paper.

Big Town

Big Trouble in Big Town - You can get a +1 luck bonus doing this quest if Timebomb survives this quest, as well as 300xp and some items.

Canterbury Commons

The Superhuman Gambit - This quest will reward you with Caps, Experience and even offers the chance to get A unique laser pistol, Protectron's Gaze or a unique Knife, Ant's Sting.


Those! - Doing this quest will get you a special perk, ant's sight or ant might. These increase perception and strength, respectively. Both also come with a 25% increase in your fire resistance, permenantly!


Blood Ties - This quest can lead to the hematophage perk, as well as schematics to the mighty Shishkebab flaming sword.

The Power of the Atom - Do this to get yourself a house, where you can rest, collect bobbleheads and store weapons without worrying about them disappearing.

Wasteland Survival Guide Chapter 1 - This is a great quest to start the game with. It will really help your income get going, and you'll find some nice gear and goods on the way.

Wasteland Survival Guide Chapter 2 - The mole rat repellent stick can be won during this chapter, a useful item to have in the early game.

Wasteland Survival Guide Chapter 3 - Completing the third chapter of this quest, depending on how you responded to Moira, will give you a unique Perk that increases poison and radiation resistance. You can even get a modification to it that increases your critical hit chance!


Oasis - Do this to get the barkskin perk, or some other decent items for stealthy players.

Rivet City

Stealing Independence - This quest, to find the Declaration of Independence in the National Archives, rewards you with the schematics to the Railway Rifle. You'll also be able to pick up Sydney's 10mm "Ultra" SMG.

The Replicated Man - This Quest can get you A3-21's Plasma Rifle, which is very powerful, along with the Wired Reflexes Perk.


You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head - Completing this quest and getting all the keys leads to the mighty T-51b Power Armor

Vernon Square

Reilly's Rangers - This quest will get you either the powerful custom minigun Eugene or Ranger Combat Armor. Also, after completing the quest you will be able to get a second, repeatable quest from Reilly to turn in discovered map locations to her. She'll give you 30 caps each. This is an excellent source of income throughout Fallout 3.

Fallout 3 Screenshots Gallery

Warning: May contain spoilers!
The S.P.E.C.I.A.L. book from Fallout 3
The S.P.E.C.I.A.L. book, which allows you to set up your character's starting stats
Dad from Fallout 3 when the character is a toddler
Dad gives you a small task in the nursery, leading to one of the more interesting character creation systems I've seen in games.
Revelation 21:6, which holds clues to your goal in the main quest of fallout 3
I had no idea the significance of this scripture and how it cleverly tied to the main quest when I first started.
I believe this is the main character's 10th birthday party.
Be sure to talk to all the guests at the party to get all your presents! Talk to Dad last.
The S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system makes its return in Fallout 3, with some new tweaks
Bethesda tweaked the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system a bit in Fallout 3. I can see how it was necessary. I was a bit thrown that perception doesn't affect range any more, but everything else is very similar to the previous games.
A young Carl prepares to snipe some radroaches with his new B.B. Gun
I was excited to get a gun, having built my character around small guns. I accidentally left this behind during my escape from the vault but believe you can retrieve it from your quarters.
The last thing you do before you turn 16 and take the G.O.A.T. exam
Carl poses for a picture by Dad before time-warping to sixteen years of age.
Amata from fallout 3 grows up to be very pretty
I just had to take a picture of Amata. She's quite pretty, and I didn't even have my graphics turned up on high at the time.
A nice Fallout 3 screenshot with blood spray from a critical hit on Officer O'Brien
The blood looks great in VATS. I was definitely impressed with this shot of Officer O'Brien taking a hit.
Another nice shot of one of Fallout 3's dogs getting hit by gunfire in VATS
It can be intense when enemies get this close, but with VATS you are invulnerable for a time.
Arkansas loses his head. I with fallout 3's headshots weren't usually just someone's head flying off their body. It's just not very realistic.
Arkansas loses his head. That sniper rifle is mine!
A file example of fallout 3's graphics in this screenshot
Man, Fallout 3 looks GREAT! Love the skin textures here.
Sometimes you'll be reduced to drinking from irradiated water sources, but a toilet should never be one of them.
You can drink from toilets, but that doesn't mean you should. Find a sink at the very least!
A great shot of a raider in Fallout 3 taking a hit in the head from close range.
I'm sure his friend will hit me with the bat, but I'm wearing combat armor!
Some pretty disturbing things happened out in the wasteland after the great war
Some of the things people leave hanging around in the wasteland can be pretty disturbing.
My character was getting pretty decked out at this point.
Showing off that nice mid-level armor!
There is a nice mist of blood as this feral ghoul goes down.
A nice mist of blood as the feral ghoul drops to the floor.
It's nice when ammo gets so plentiful you don't mind blowing it on a mole rat.
It's nice when ammo gets so plentiful you don't mind blowing it on mole rats.
The feral ghoul's head disintegrates.
This is the only super mutant behemoth you'll encounter in fallout 3's main quest, but more are out there in the world.
The super mutant behemoth you encounter during the main quest. Way impressive how he swings that fire hydrant around.
I look forward to the day when we can explore a virtual world like the one in tranquility lane.
Getting into the slumber pod to go to tranquility lane was cool!
The evil Betty from tranquility lane.
Betty from tranquility lane gave me the creeps.
Your watch in Fallout 3's tranquility lane
The watch from tranquility lane replaces the pip boy.
Walking around decked out in full power armor, I'm feeling buff at this point.
Power armor in Fallout 3

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peter says...
Good guide. Very helpful. I played this game 2 years ago. Played poorly missed tons of special weapons. Got side tracked on stupid stuff but your guide has already made the game way more fun & challenging. I'm 66 years old and having a ball. Thanks
You're welcome, thanks for letting me know how much it's helped you. It's always encouraging to hear that, plus you're awesome for demonstrating what we all know in that gaming is fun for all ages :)
15th December 2013 1:22pm
insanity88 says...
Do you have any guides for the DLC's
7th September 2014 1:41pm
ricky says...
At paradise falls the slaver who gives u"some of the loot we found" keep pressing a to talk to him and he will give u infinite stims ammo which u can sell ul never run short again
31st January 2014 6:56pm
neil says...
The best guide for fallout 3, i have found. If you wrote guides like this for other games, there would be no reason for people to look else where.
12th October 2014 3:04am
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