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Bobbleheads in Fallout 3 give you a permenant increase to a skill or S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stat. For this reason, you often shouldn't make a character with +10 in any stat, or raise a character past 90% in any skill without first getting that particular Bobblehead. Every skill in Fallout 3 is represented, so how ever you play your character there is a Fallout 3 Vault Boy Bobblehead for you to find.

Of the Fallout 3 Bobblehead Locations mentioned here, some will be easier to access than others early in the game. For example, the intelligence Bobblehead in Rivet City will be most beneficial if gained early in the game, but the player may need to go through some tough enemies. It's a worthwhile journey, however.

Fallout 3 SPECIAL Stat Bobblehead Locations

  • Strength: The Strength Bobblehad is found in Lucas Simms' house in Megaton. It's very easy to get after you've disarmed the bomb. If you blew up Megaton, there's no hope. The quest The Power of Atom is very easy to do the 'nice' way and also gets you a house in the town. Once that quest is completed, Lucas Simms' house will no longer be locked. That's your chance to go inside without breaking in. Otherwise, you'll have to break in. The door requires 50 lockpick, but high sneak is going to be needed to do it without drawing attention.

  • Perception: You can find the Perception Bobblehead in the Republic of Dave, which is in the extreme northeastern corner of the map. Look for the Museum of Dave and enter. It is one of the only buildings you can enter here without talking to Dave first. The Bobblehead is on a shelf in the museum, and you can take it without it being considered stolen of course. The journey to get this Bobblehead will net you a lot of cash, although at times it will be dangerous. Use points of interest you discover on your map as travel spots to return to Megaton or Rivet City to sell loot and buy stimpacks.

  • Endurance: The Endurance Bobblehead is found in the deathclaw sanctuary. It can be tough for lower level players to get, because the location is of course filled with death claws. The sanctuary can be seen in the screenshot here. If you're low level, once you're in the area you will probably need a stealth boy to help you get to the Bobblehead. Sneak all the way in to the south, down the hill. The Bobblehead is on a little table. Make your way back out quickly. You should know whether taking out a death claw is a challenge for you. Act accordingly.

  • Charisma: The Charisma Bobble is located in Vault 108, which is exactly 8 squares north of Rivet Cit is home to the Charisma Bobblehead. Set your marker in the square I stated, and head there. It's quite a walk, but you will gain a good deal of experience from the trek. The Vault is infested with Gary Clones, who are very weak and give about twenty experience per kill. The Bobblehead is in the Cloning lab. Near the western side of the area, the Bobblehead can be found on a table in a room with a lot of beds.

  • Intelligence: The Intelligence Bobblehead is located in Rivet City. You can get it while you're doing the Wasteland Survival Guide quest. There is a science lab in the ship. Go through the stairwell door and look for the signs. They'll lead you directly to the lab. Look to the desk near the center of the room to find the Intelilgence Bobblehead.

  • Agility: The path to the Agility bottlehead was littered with Deathclaws for me. Others may have better luck. It's found in the Greener Pastures Disposal Site, three down and four left from the top right corner of the map. There are toxic waste barrels all over. Inside a shack there you can find a radiation suit along with a nice stash of anti-radiation drugs. Put on the suit and look for the area of the site with a big cloud of radiation. Go through to the Office building here, to find the agility Bobblehead along with a safe that can be opened by hacking the terminal with 50 science. Inside I found two scoped .44s and a good bit of ammo.

  • Luck: The Luck Bobblehead is in Arlington Cemetery. To get there from Megaton, head east to Super Duper Mart, then southeast to the "Flooded Metro". The metro here is very short, and leads to the cemetery itself. Head southwest of teh entrance to find Arlington House. The Bobblehead is in the basement, straight ahead from the entrance on a shelf.

    Where to Find Fallout 3 Skill Bobbleheads

  • Barter: Head far west of Megaton to the town of Evergreen Mills. The place is a Raider base, so be prepared to do a lot of fighting. This is definitely one of the hardest locations to get into early in the game. Inside, other than the army of raiders there is a Super Mutant Behemoth (caged) that can be killed. The Bobblehead can be found by first going into the Foundry, then from there the Bazaar. Head to the back of the area to find Smiling Jack. If you kill him, he has the Terrible Shotgun, one of the most powerful weapons in the game. It's a variant of the Combat Shotgun, and can be repaired from parts of these weaker models. Behind Smiling Jack's shop, there is a path that leads to a storage area. Grab the Bobblehead from the top right of the large shelf. Look behind the counter for a safe, as well!

  • Big Guns: This Bobblehead is found in Fort Constantine's CO Quarters. Look for the Fort four squares east and one square south from the northwestern-most square. Once there, go inside the cellar to find this Bobblehead on a shelf.

  • Energy Weapons: This Bobblehead can only be found during your trip to Raven Rock during the American Dream quest. Look in the '2' section for Colonel Autumn's chambers. You should really clear this area before going on to the main room anyway, as you'll be locked out.

  • Explosives: The Explosives Bobblehead is found near WKML Broadcast station. The station is 5 squares south and 4 squares east from the northwestern corner of the map. The item is in a sewer south of the station itself. Go up to the station and go around to the south of the building, then drop off the small cliff. Trace your way along the southern rock facing. Be up close so that you can see the white cistern that has a grate you can climb down. There are several other items, including a stealthboy along with the explosives Bobblehead.

  • Lockpick: The Lockpick Bobblehead is found in the Bethesda Ruins. They are found three squares north and two squares east of Megaton. You will likely find your way to the western building first. The Bobblehead is in the eastern tower. Don't worry, clear the first tower then head upstairs to find a skywalk that leads between the two buildings. In the eastern building, there aren't that many enemies. The Bobblehead can be found near the center of the area on a desk.

  • Medicine: You can get the Medicine Bobblehead before you ever leave Vault 101. This is the first Bobblehead you can access in Fallout 3. Getting it early will help your character by making stimpacks heal more damage, and providing more dialog choices involving the medicine skill. It can be found on Dad's desk. You have multiple chances to get it, but the last chance is the escape. If you don't get this Bobblehead during your escape, you may be forced to wait until after the waters of life is completed for Amata to send out a distress signal. You can get the signal by goin near the Vault. The quest will cause you to be an outcast from the Vault, meaning that when you do this quest your last chance to grab the Bobblehead.

  • Melee Weapons: This item is in the Dunwich Building, in the extreme southwest corner of the map. In fact, look one square east from the bottom left corner. In the northern central part of that square is the building. It's hard to miss it. This building has quite a lot of loot. It's populated mostly by Ghouls. If you have the ghoul mask it'll be a cakewalk. If you can already one hit ghouls though, it'll be just as easy but you'll get experience. I'm for the latter. At any rate, explore most of this place for the loot but finding the Bobblehead can be a bit confusing. Head to the north from the entrance and take the first door to the right. Inside, look immediately to the south to see a staircase. Ascend it. Your destination from here is near the northeastern corner. Go down the stairs there, then turn left, then right (immediately after going through the last door), then right again to go through a door that leads to the west and to a door.

    The door leads to the Forsaken Dunwich Ruins. Follow the path a bit and try to stay along the northern wall at all times. You'll have to do a bit of jumping, but once you're on the western side of the ruins it's ok if you fall down. There is a door to the south that leads to the Virulent Underchambers. Head to the southernmost room. Go through the other door on this level to return to the main area. Drop through the floor to return to the exit.

  • Repair: The Repair Bobblehead is very easy to get if you have 50 lockpick. It's in Evan King's house in Arefu. Arefu is 3 squares west and four squares north of Megaton, up on the bridge. Be careful as breaking in to his house is trespassing. Quickly grab the Bobblehead to your left and get out.

  • Science: The Bobblehead for the Science Skill is inside Vault 106. The Vault is northwest of Vault 101. Look for the Living Quarters once inside the vault, and head to the room that is farthest to the east. This Vault is very interesting because it has psychotropic drugs in the air that cause hallucinations. At one point you see several 'Dads' and are attacked by the tunnel snakes from vault 101. It's an interesting experience. There is a good deal of loot to be found in here if you explore it.

  • Small Guns: To find the Small Guns Bobblehead, you'll need to find the National Guard Depot. This area is located one square north and seven squares east of Megaton. To get there, you won't have to actually go through the city. This is perhaps the most important tip. Don't ever dip into the city. Stay on the northern border of it at all times. After much fighting you'll eventually come to the Depot. It's guarded by a pair of protectrons, which could pose a threat to low level players. Inside, you will find this area can be somewhat hard to navigate due to all the rubble. While there is much to be found here, the primary goal is the Bobblehead. For higher level players most of the guns that are in here aren't very good anyway. Head first for the Depot Training Area. From here, it gets more linear. You'll go through the Training Area to the Offices, then back into the depot from that area. Look for an electrical switch ahead on the left. This will open the locked doors two levels below (look for the flashing lights). Once here, finding the Bobblehead is a cinch. Look for it on a shelf near a doorway. The final part of this area reqires the Keller Family Transcripts to enter, but you won't need them to get the Bobblehead itself.

  • Sneak: The Sneak Bobblehead is in the Yao Guai Tunnels, which are nine squares west, one square north of Megaton. Clearly, there will be a lot of Yao Guai here, so don't go unless you're prepared for a fight or took the Animal Friend Perk. Look to the east-central side of the square. The tunnels can be hard to spot, because they're nestled between two cliffs. Inside, Once inside head all the way east to a door called Yao Guai Den. Look to the south central of the main large room here to find the Bobblehead.

  • Speech: The Speech Bobblehead is located in Paradise Falls. It's in Eulogy Jones' Pad, which are not far from the entrance. You can gain entry to this area through several paths, including: Agreeing to enslave four people with the Mesmetron, Bribing the gate guard with 500 caps, or during the Rescue from Paradise side quest that is found while following the Main Quest. You'll get it at Little Lamplight, and the quest is one of several options for gaining entry to that area.

  • Unarmed: The unarmed Bobblehead's location is easy to find early in the game. It is located in an unmarked location known as Rockopolis. You can find it one square west of Smith Casey's Garage, or eight squares west of Megaton. Look slightly south of the center of that square. There is a banner hung over a boulder, with a couple of trees nearby (facing west). The boulder is opened like a door. Once inside, there isn't much else to find but the unarmed Bobblehead, which is on the ground near the corpse of a man named Argyle.

    Share your tips for finding Fallout 3's Bobbleheads and dealing with enemies along the way with our comments form. This will help other players with their journey through the game.

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    carmine says...
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    I may be redesigning the site to a white background/black text soon to make it more readable, but it'll be a lot of work. Thanks for your comment, it definitely pushes me toward that direction.
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    Cency says...
    I just wanted to say thank you, Amazing detail!
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    Steven says...
    This guide was beyond helpful! Iv got all bobble heads now!!!!! Also for those having trouble with death claws, use the tesla cannon if you found one or use .44 mag.
    14th June 2013 4:50am
    Jarred says...
    Or just use the dart gun. It cripples them making them slow.
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    Hundred Acre Terror says...
    Great guide! Thanks for the tips.
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    Wow.... Had this game for forever never thought I'd find all the bubbleheads..... Thanks for all the info!!!! Your the best!!!!!
    I knew some would appreciate a handy text list. I'm just glad my descriptions were good enough to help most people find them. Cheers!
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    Tobie says...
    This guide is rely cool, use it all the time. Keep it up!
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    john smith says...
    i found 15 bobble heads by my self but couldn't find explosive, melee weapons, small guns, barter, or sneak. but thanks to this guide i got all 20 and the achievement.
    Glad to help!
    26th August 2013 4:46pm
    MercerCross says...
    I almost got all of the bobbleheads by myself until I missed the energy weapons bobblehead in the enclave base and blew it up. Making it so that I could never go in there again, but I think you never could go back in the base after you leave it. So, eventually I forgot about and digressed from failing to be granted the achievement.. until I would get another achievement and as I would be looking at that one I would remember the bobblehead I missed. Right after I had got all my skills to 100 my Xbox 360 starting eating my disks, lost my data from improper storage transfer and now I have to start all over. Looking at the bright side now, I know where everything is thanks to Carl, but not trying to sound like a complete douche I also mastered the damn game, from playing it in six different ways with six different characters. All I'm saying is that guides like this really help and you won't have to study how to make your character to be perfect like I did.
    9th March 2014 5:16pm
    LUKE says...
    if you have problems with deathclaws then just use dogmeet
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    MinxC says...
    Thank you so much. You saved my life, It was all easy to understand and I got them all in no time. ~~~
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    Last Best Hope For Humanity says...
    Great guide, such accurate descriptions I never even needed to once look up a video. Wonderful job.

    NOOB TIP: To those who may be having problems defeating deathclaws, I'd recommend you save up about 750-1200 caps
    (depending on your barter skill) and make your way to tenpenny tower. Go inside and search for Lydia Montenegro and purchase the Dart Gun schematics from her and seek out the parts to make it, they're all pretty easy to find (paint gun, rad-scorpion poison gland, surgical tubing, and a toy car) but if you're like me you'll have a bit of trouble finding the car, so search Lucas Simms house in Megaton if possible or just keep searching. The reason this is worth it is that the dart gun causes both the target's legs to become crippled with only one shot,this drastically lowers their movement speed and when used on a deathclaw, it turns them into what may as well be a sack of Xp because you can just walk backwards shooting while they limp after you.
    I tried my best to be descriptive about the bobbleheads' locations and am glad it's helped despite the lack of screenshots.

    Also, great tip! Thanks for sharing.
    19th September 2013 2:53am
    Nick says...
    The most efficient way to dispatch Deathclaws is the unique ALIEN BLASTER. This extremely powerful gun is located at the alien beacon(ZETA DLC) or w/o the add-on a simple UFO crash site...a scant few squares or less to the NORTHWEST of Minefield...IF I remember correctly. This blaster can drop a deathclaw into a pile of ash in 1-2 shots and also from a distance or directly on top of you and works great with VATS up to 4 shots for all your AP! The ammo MUST be conserved for DEATHCLAWS, SUPER MUTANT OVERLORDS, and MUTANT BUOEMUTHS (3 shots and the toughest enemy in the game is ash baby!) W/o the DLCs you get close to 200 ALIEN POWER CELLS on the ground next to the blaster and alien body to ration...W/ Mothership Zeta and Broken Steel add-ons close to 500 ALIEN POWER CELLS ammo is possible. TRUST ME. I walk confident and unscathed through Old Olney/Old Olney underground to the Deathclaw Sanctuary. These terrors of the wasteland are no more!
    Thanks for sharing the great info on killing off Deathclaws. I did not get the DLC and update the guide for them, as you can tell. Now it's a bit too late for me to do that with other projects, so I definitely appreciate such detailed comments to help other readers.
    18th November 2013 8:40pm
    Carlos says...
    Thanks for the bobble head locations they helped so much and now when I look at my bobble head stand and see all 20 of them I think of how grateful I am for them
    8th December 2013 12:46pm
    Roving Trader says...
    So no hope for Energy Weapons Bobblehead?
    3rd March 2014 5:12pm
    Cherokee says...
    If you passed the Enclave mission, no, sorry.
    I had that happen to me. It's just I got caught up in the mission so I completely forgot. If you ever play through the game again, just remember to grab it.
    5th June 2014 1:14pm
    miket says...
    that argyle guy your referring to is hurbert "daring" dashwood's manservant you can hear little radio episodes when you listen to GNR(galaxy news radio)
    20th August 2013 1:58am
    Johann says...
    It sucks that argyle is dead. Still thanx a lot for the guide
    29th August 2013 1:53am
    scrounger says...
    thanks for all of the tips, i had looked on another site for the locations and i hadnt found the one in rockopolis because i thought it was a marked location, once i got the explorer perk it wasnt there so i flipped out went to your sight and saw the very accurate description thanks alot bro
    8th June 2014 10:46am
    Deadgale says...
    this info was great also the Unarmed bubblehead is best looked for at night as the doorway to Rockopolis will have a glowing misty light coming out over the rock door.
    4th July 2013 3:33am
    cooking fat says...
    i looked and looked and looked for rockopolis. couldn't find it. until i read the look at night hint. thanks :)
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    this lhelped me out alot! thanks
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    -The Lone Wanderer
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    Nice list, particularly like that you haven't hidden all the locations behind spoiler alerts like some others I've seen (I'm viewing on a tablet so they make scrolling take longer)
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    Cheers dude, it's made a world of difference!
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    Wolfy says...
    thanks alot, I was having a hard time locating the unarmed bobble head.
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    Fishsticks says...
    Dang wish I would have known about the "Almost Perfect" Perk. It raises all your stats to 9....I collected all the bobble heads too early! Well I could possibly get my SPECIAL up to 10 with intense training perk. Well, learn from my mistakes I guess. :(
    19th June 2013 7:32pm
    Joshooba says...
    Just a heads up,You can get the Strength Bobblehead and blow up Megaton if you kill Lucas and take the key and run in and grab it. It affects your karma but makes it possible to get it.
    17th May 2013 3:32pm
    TauntingCube says...
    Why would you care to lose karma due to killing Lucas if you are going to blow up Megaton? Just had to point that out.
    21st June 2013 4:25am
    Ray says...
    You don't have to blow up Megaton to get it. You can disarm the bomb and then just go in his house.
    3rd July 2013 2:14pm
    Corey says...
    You can just pickpocket the house key off his person anyway guys
    14th July 2013 6:23pm
    Sam says...
    You don't have to kill him. There is a certain time of day that his door is unlocked
    1st August 2013 4:22pm
    marc the star says...
    Too funny
    27th October 2013 10:58pm
    Dolphin In Discuise says...
    THNX mjoorly i had a heap of truble finding the strengh

    PS.i cant find vault 106
    18th May 2013 11:30pm
    Deadly Sheep Assassin says...
    When you go to the brotherhood santuary while following the main quest, there is a map involved with some dialogue with someone that marks all the vault locations on your map.
    11th June 2013 6:13am
    brandon says...
    i fricking hate death claws
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    Grif says...
    eh they're not so bad after level 20
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    mysterious straanger says...
    It can be worse
    16th July 2013 3:38pm
    Marx says...
    One you've raised your sneak and smallguns defeating deathclaws is rather easy. The worst for me is those damn albino radscorpions they take forever to kill
    21st March 2014 3:23pm
    crazy wolf says...
    Falllout 3 is so easy Ican get1000 caps easy and take out a deathclaw with only a shot or 2 from a hunting rifle on the second hardest difficulty
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