Fallout 3 Tranquility Lane Walkthrough (Main Quest) - Guide by Carl

Fallout 3 Walkthrough - Main Quest Walkthrough by Mission:
Following in his Footsteps  |  Galaxy News Radio  |  Scientific Pursuits  |  Tranquility Lane  |  The Waters of Life  |  Picking up the Trail  |  Rescue from Paradise  |  Finding the Garden of Eden  |  The American Dream  |  Take it Back!

Quest Start: Vault 112, after activating the Tranquility Lounger
  • Activate the Fail Safe
  • Speak to Betty
    There are multiple ways to finish this quest, but since I am writing a good karma walkthrough, I won't bother with explaining how to do Betsy's tasks. Tranquility lane is a virtual simulation that can be changed to different environments. When you enter, it's a 50s town. Look for the Dithers residence, and if you see the abandoned house on your way note its location. Old Lady Dithers will tell you that Dr. Braun thinks he's God. He can control the simulation, but she believes there is a fail safe in the abandoned house. Go there.

    The only room of note when you first enter the abandoned house is the first one. There are several items here, and they must be used in the correct sequence to activate the fail safe. The proper order is:

  • Radio
  • Pitcher
  • Gnome
  • Pitcher
  • Cinder Block
  • Gnome
  • Bottle
    When you do this, the failsafe terminal will reveal itself. You can read Braun's notes, or proceed to access the Chinese Invasion Program. Head to the park in the center of town when the chinese come, and gloat a bit at Betty then exit the simulation.

    Talk with Dad for the first time since the escape from Vault 101. He will tell you he needs to get to Rivet City. You can either go with him, and chance finding some nice stuff along the way (he is invincible), or fast-walk to Rivet City to get started on The Waters of Life.


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